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Vegan Burger Review: Taste Testing the Top 5 Brands

Are you of the belief that vegan dishes aren’t as delicious as the non-vegetarian dishes? Do you find a hard time planning for vegan items to treat your guests? Do you have a notorious kid who runs away whenever you serve veggies on the plate?

So how does a burger for a treat sound? No, it’s not a chicken or beef burger as you imagined, but we are talking about veggie burger! Yes, veggie burgers are an incredible vegan dish to try out. But with numerous vegan burger brands out in the market, you may be in a dilemma! So let’s check out the top 5 vegan burger reviews which food experts recommend.

The top 5 veggie burger brand

We present to you the top 5 famous brands in the US to savor your taste buds.

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Praeger’s All American Veggie Burger

The burger contains:

  • 15gm fat with 1.5gm of saturated fat
  • 25gm of protein
  • 290cal per serving
  • 13gm of carbs
  • 8gm of fiber

Satiating the appetite of kids to elders, the delicious burger contains carrots, beans, sweet potato, pea protein, butternut squash, and black beans. It is seasoned with sea salt, onion powder, and roasted garlic.

The burger has a dense consistency with traces of bright orange carrot, studs of black beans, and is filling. It is devoid of robust seasoning, but most of its flavor comes from potatoes. It is an ideal veggie burger to be served with any toppings and resembles a classic veggie medley, delicious and appetizing.

Are you planning to eat a healthy burger? Then Dr. Praeger’s All American Veggie Burgers is what your doctor will recommend as well. It has a stunning fiber and carb ratios and is a powerhouse of protein. Besides, the predominant taste of peas and mashed potatoes makes it an absolute delight.

Impossible Foods Impossible Burger

The burger contains:

  • 5gm of carbs
  • 20gm of protein
  • 13gm fat with 10gm saturated fat
  • 220cal per serving

With a base of potato, wheat protein, heme, and coconut oil, this burger sells like a hot cake in the American market. The burger has a stellar resemblance to a pulled pork and has a meaty texture and aroma. After giving a bite, you will feel an ecstatic aroma and taste of ground meat, but it’s an all-vegan burger!

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It has a crisp coating with mushy and soft inner texture. It can melt your heart with the meat flavor, but it is a powerhouse of veggies, proteins, and carbs. The burger aptly justifies its name, the Impossible Burger. This is because the meaty texture and veggie burger don’t go hand-in-hand. But Impossible Burger has made the impossible possible! It is undoubtedly satiating and an excellent alternative for the vegans!

Hilary’s Adzuki Bean Burger

The burger contains:

  • 25gm of carbs
  • 4gm protein
  • 4gm fiber
  • 7gm of fat with 5gm saturated fat
  • 180cal per serving

With an abundant quantity of aduki beans, whole grain millets, organic coconut oil, sweet potato, whole quinoa grains, and onions, this contains an entire veggie diet. Take a look at the burger, and you will find cubes of sweet potato and curdled quinoa peeping from it. It is soft and moist with a delightful zingy flavor and peppery scent.

With a mix of lime, chilies, apple cider vinegar and cumin, and millet and quinoa texture, the taste is unmatched and even admired by non-vegetarian eaters. The burger steals the heart with quinoa, a complete protein containing 9 essential amino acids. It includes a moderate amount of salt and is an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians. Post-workout, you can have Hilary’s bean burger paired with soy milk, juice, or some extra fiber-enriched veggies or a splotch creamy cottage cheese!

Amy’s Light In Sodium California Veggie Burger

The burger contains:

  • 16gm of carbs
  • 4gm of fat
  • 3gm of fiber
  • 5gm of protein
  • 110cal per serving

Amy’s veggie burger is a vegan delight as it contains a rich source of organic ingredients. The burger is made of celery, onion, omega-3 packed walnuts, mushrooms, oats, bulgur, and carrots. With a relatively small diameter of the patty, the burger does justice with an abundance of mushrooms. It will leave your smelling sensation a fragrance of the truffle fries. The burger has crunchy walnut with cooked bulgur grains texture, which makes it crispy and juicy.

It has a delightful flavor of umami and garlic, but the burger predominantly tastes its ingredients, especially mushrooms. With a crunch delicacy, the moderately salted burger with an earthy mushroom flavor is one of the best veggie burgers you can munch! Pair the patty in a whole-grain bun, with bean sprouts, tomato, lettuce, and slack of melted mozzarella and satiate your tummy with a yummilious snack.

Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

The burger contains:

  • 6gm of carbs
  • 3gm of fiber
  • 20gm of protein
  • 22gm fat with 5gm saturated fat
  • 290cal per serving

It is a combination of coconut oil, canola oil, and contains non-GMO pea protein isolate.

Did you mistake the Beyond Burger for ground beef? Give it a bite, and you will find oozing beet juice. It is soft and juicy, and it shares an exact resemblance with ground meat.

With its strikingly meat texture and flavor, you are bound to believe that you are munching down a beef or ground chicken burger. But it is packed with veggies and leaves an amicable taste that you will yearn for more! Grill the Beyond Burger patty and see the magic. This meaty and juicy patty, which even bleeds like a beef burger due to beet juice, contains a rich source of saturated fat and iron. It is one of the all-time favorite burgers for the vegans.

Bottom-line concerning the best vegan burgers

Whether you are a newbie vegan, vegetarian, or curbing on meat consumption, the veggie burger is one of the healthiest foods to munch down. It is a rich source of vegetables, grains, soy, beans, etc. But the best veggie burger for your needs will depend on your end goal and the reason you have switched to a vegan diet. While choosing a plant-based burger also keep an eye on the amount of salt it contains.

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