Are you craving for some mouth-melting cheesy pizza from your favorite Dominos joint? But wait, did you recently switch to a vegan diet?

Of course! The frown between your eyebrows and the sad look indicates that now pizza is out of your league as it is stuffed with animal dairy cheese, which is against being a vegan.

We understand your dilemma! While your tummy and heart yearn for a pizza, the brain is giving a red signal! So, here is good news for the vegans. Dominos—the largest pizza chain in the US- has set its foot in serving the vegans with its tempting and delicious pizza servings. Let’s go through the dominos vegan pizza review and find out what food critics say about dominos vegan pizza!

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Dominos Vegan Cuisine

The first image that you have of pizza is the mouth-melting cheese with any toppings of your choice. But cheese is something which so far vegans haven’t been able to replicate. Besides, the awful smell of the vegan cheese restricts pizza lovers from giving it a try. Dominos is one of the famous joints in America for cheese lovers. The fast pizza slinger is a golden hub for non-vegetarians, but it has a plethora of cuisine for the vegans and vegetarians.

Earlier, the craze for vegan toppings wasn’t as profound as in recent times. The evolution of veganism, especially after the popularity of Impossible Whopper by Burger King and Beyond Meat Plant-based tacos by Del Taco, has urged Dominos to search for meat substitutes for its vegan customers. Are you envisioning vegan cuisine from Dominos? They offer the following dishes:

Vegan Penne

Penne is a vegan dish, but the marinara sauce that comes with it is a dairy product. Avoid the sauce and add lots of veggies to your vegan penne.

Garden Salad

At Dominos, order your favorite green salad without cheese or croutons and satiate your appetite with a vegan dish.

Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

Vegan bread is used for the sandwich. Omit the cheese and have this delicious sandwich with banana peppers, spinach, onions, roasted red peppers, and diced tomatoes.

Dipping Sauces

Amongst the vegan dipping sauces, Dominos offers hot buffalo. Garlic sauce and Italian sauce dip cups.

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But amidst all these vegan delicacies, it is the Vegan Pizza that steals the show! It is a thin-crusted pizza seasoned with barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, and veggies of your choice. But first, let’s find more about vegetarian pizza!

Customize your vegetarian pizza

Dominos American outlets have an array of pizzas for the vegetarians. However, if you want to order the exact ingredients that you enjoy most, and not worry about having any go to waste, you can even customize your veggie pizza with any crust and sauce, including cheesy marinara and milk-based alfredo sauces. While selecting topping, you can choose from black olive, tofu, mushroom, and veggies; remember to mention non-meat topping in your order! You can even load your veggie delight with lots of cheese such as cheddar, provolone, parmesan-asiago, and feta.

The Pacific Veggie Pizza

For vegetarians, another impressive pizza at Dominos is the Pacific Veggie Pizza. It is an amazing delicatessen loaded with onions, mushrooms, black olive, roasted red pepper, baby spinach, and cherry tomatoes. The impressive part of this pizza, which makes your heart crave more, is the three kinds of cheese—mozzarella, provolone, and feta that are loaded in the pizza and sprinkles of garlic herb seasoning.

The Spinach and Feta Pizza

Want some green in your pizza? Opt for the Feta Spinach Pizza with a thin crust with creamy Alfredo sauce base and topped with baby spinach, and lots of pf cheese—feta, provolone, mozzarella, and parmesan-asiago!

The Vegan Pizza

Are you craving for a vegan pizza? Dominos will make it possible within a blink! You can specifically request a thin and gluten-free crusted pizza with a barbecue sauce or spicy tomato sauce base without the cheese while ordering your pizza. You may wonder how a pizza will taste without that cheesy and stretchy cheese. Still, surprisingly, you will be amazed by the delightful pizza loaded with a variety of veggie toppings. You can even request for a non-cheese and non-meat topping to enhance the taste of your pizza.

An exquisite review of Dominos Vegan Pizza

Are you in a dilemma due to the awful smell of vegan cheese? Well, with Dominos Vegan Pizza, that problem is mostly sorted. If you treat it to your friends, they will be surprised to know its vegan cheese and not topped with shredded mozzarella! Although the pizza isn’t stuffed with cheesy mozzarella, the texture somewhat has resemblance except for the stretchy part. This vegan cheese is indeed delicious. While munching down your veggie pizza, you can feel its presence as it doesn’t melt like most animal cheese.

The crust of the Dominos Vegan Pizza is also gluten-free and vegan-friendly, and quiet resembles any regular crusted pizza sold by Dominos. Apart from the cheese and crust, what steals the eaters’ attention is the pizza herbs. These are not the common herbs used in the non-veg variant and will enhance your vegan pizza taste. Without this, your supreme veggie delight or veggie margarita will be lacking an essential ingredient. Top it with your choice of veggies, and your vegan pizza can give a tough competition to the non-veg ones.

But in the vegan variant, Dominos is focused only on the dough and cheese. Undoubtedly these two are the most important ingredient of making a delicious pizza. Still, it is high time to find appropriate meat alternatives to add a more vegan variant. Besides, the vegan pizzas are only available in medium size with a single crust type. So, Dominos is now geared up to add stuffed crust and other crust types along with size variants for its vegan pizzas.

Final Verdict

Dominos having the largest pizza chain in America is set to satiate the customers with its new vegan cuisine. Amongst these, the vegan pizza is incredible and indeed worth trying. Although it still has a few imperfections, it is still one of the best pizzas for vegan and vegetarians. Even meat lovers should also give it a try!