Discover The Advocaado

First, thank you for visiting the website, we would like to formerly wish you a warm welcome to the Advocaado.

On that note, you may be wondering where the name has come from? It is in fact a mixture of the words Avocado (The very healthy , and delicious, fruit) and Advocaat (The equality delicious, albeit not quite sop healthy, alcoholic beverage ). These two words we re very eloquently strung together by co - founder Ray Silvester in an attempt (successful, we hope) to make a brand name worth mentioning to your friends.

What can you expect from the Advocaado?

As you have probably guessed by now, the website has been buil t with two things in mind – the first one being food and the second one being drink. Both firm favourites among most folk and thus it seemed a fitting topic for a website. Of course, the above subject matter makes for a broad landscape and, not to disappoi nt, the Advocaado aims to cover everything from recipes, cooking guides, cocktail experiments right through to kitchen focused product reviews. The key ethos laid out by the second co - founder, Dave Silvester, will always remain the same; to provide informa tive, educational, and mouth - watering content that will hopefully inspire and draw - in food lovers from around the world.

Food & Drink Recipes

We have a range of food & drink recipes already featured on the website, some of which have been written by in - hou se writers and some have been sent in by friends of the website. These recipes will be added to on a regular basis to ensure that there is always plenty of new cooking (and eating) inspiration for our readers.

Food preparation guides

As well as recipes we also have several food preparations guides that aim to educate and inform readers on the best ways in which to prepare, and serve, particular types of food.

Product reviews

As well as food and drink we also cover all different types of kitchen appliances r anging from fridge freezers and cookers through to under - counter ice makers. We regularly review all different types of products associated with the kitchen and these reviews will serve as a starting point for any of our readers who are looking to purchase equipment for their kitchen and either don’t know where to start, or just need some pointers to make sure they pick the best possible product for whatever task is at hand.

How you can help us with the Advocaado

We have wonderful hopes and aspirations for the Advocaado, but of course we can’t do it all by ourselves. So, with that said, we welcome any help offered by our readers – this may be in the form of comments, emails, useful tips, and anything else insightful that you would like to share with us.

If y ou’ve eating something delicious recently, we’d love you to send in the recipe to us, so that we can share it with all of our readers. Have a way of preparing a certain meal? Why not put it in words, send it in and we can publish it (with a credit to you o f course).

That’s all for now folks, please take a look round our website and check back regularly because we’re adding new content all the time. Take care. Yours truly, The Advocaado team.