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Top 5 Best Food Planners to Organize Your Week


Imagine coming home from a long day’s work — exhausted is an understatement — and shuffling over to the fridge, only to be confronted with a questionable onion, some wilted greens, and an oddly-placed pack of instant noodles. (How did that get into the fridge, anyway? Fatigue makes us do weird things!)

After briefly considering a trip to Walmart, you resign yourself to an unsettling reality. Tonight will be another takeout night. By this time, you’ve squandered time, wasted money, and broken that promise to yourself to eat healthy meals from now on.

Whatever variation of this familiar story you’re dealing with, there’s an easy solution. A food planner. Join us for a look at handy food planners that can transform your diet and your life.

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Why Consider Getting a Food Planner?

People have been raving about meal planning on the internet for at least 20 years, and much longer than that offline. Whether you decide to plan every single meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or pick and choose, the premise is simple.

Decide what you’re going to eat ahead of time and write it down.

Meal planning isn’t exactly a revolutionary new idea, but it can change your life. Here’s how:

  • Picking your meals ahead of time, and committing (to the point of buying the right ingredients) is a great way to make sure you meet your health goals. Whether you want to lose weight, eat more protein, choose your macros, or simply eat more balanced meals, the magic lies in the planning.
  • Meal planning can severely cut down on impulse spending, making it a treat for your wallet, too! When your fridge is loaded with goodies and you’ve written your plan down, you’re less likely to order takeout or opt for prepackaged meals.
  • Planning your meals can save more time than you think. It allows you to buy the necessary ingredients in advance, and eliminates the need to spend time thinking about your next meal.
  • Organizing one area of your life can have a knock-on effect. You never know! It’s entirely possible that meal planning will encourage you to make it to the gym more often, inspire spring cleaning, or allow you to spend more time relaxing.

Sounds good, right? If you’re on board, you’ll need a place to write your meal plans down. That’s where food planners come in. Your grandma probably used a simple page in a notebook, or something, but we live in the 21st Century now. There’s an app for everything, but something about writing your meal plan down in a physical journal or on a board makes you look very productive. Plus, food planners look pretty, too!

Not convinced? Here’s a challenge for you — try using a food planner. You’ll find some of our favorite options below, and we’ll break down what makes each food planner unique. Pick your poison and see how such a simple change can change your life!

1. Jubtic Weekly Meal Planner: Best Overall Food Planner

JUBTIC Weekly Meal Planner NotebookWe love the Jubtic Weekly Meal Planner for one reason, and one reason only (OK, sorry, we lied, because those are actually many reasons rolled into one!). This isn’t a mere food planner. It’s the central command center from which you’ll plan your culinary life.

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Designed with large families in mind, this weekly meal planner looks and feels like a luxury Moleskine notebook — but with features catering to diligent meal planners who never want to wonder what they’re going to eat (and why).

We’d say that the Jubtic food planner is only for committed organizers, but with such a friendly price, that’s not really true. Anyone can dip their toes into meal planning with this pretty planner!

Key Features

  • The Jubtic Weekly Meal Planner is a robust, high-quality A5 planner with a vegan leather hardcover that gets you sorted for an entire year.
  • The cool stickers don’t just make you feel like a Kindergartner all over again — they also help you plan your decisions. For example, you can designate certain days as “cheat days.”
  • Beyond meal planning, this food planner allows you to keep track of health, fitness, and weight loss progress, write down your exercise plans, and make future goals.

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