Spice Up Your Kitchen: The Top 5 Spice Racks to Organize Your Culinary Adventures


Has “shove it into the top left cabinet — I think there’s space there” been your guiding philosophy in organizing kitchen spices so far? Do half of your (rarely used) spices fall on the floor as you rummage around for that saffron hiding out in the back? You need an upgrade, my friend!

Spice racks seem to be less popular than ever, but we honestly don’t see why. Life’s better when you have a place for everything, and everything is in its place!

This review takes you on a tour of the niftiest spice racks on Amazon, setting the course for a supremely organized kitchen that will inspire creativity.

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Why Get a Spice Rack, Anyway?

Get a spice rack because no culinary adventure is complete without the right spices, and an extensive spice collection is a nightmare unless it’s properly organized. Seeing that beautiful, perfectly ordered spice rack will unquestionably inspire you to cook more exciting dishes.

You won’t be able to resist the temptation to turn that rack. You’ll spot an unusual spice you haven’t used in a while and go off in search of suitable recipes.

What to Look for in a Spice Rack: Some Pointers

Whether you’re buying a spice rack for yourself or looking for a nice gift, you’ll have several things to consider. They include:

  • How many different spices should fit on the rack? Are you a spice minimalist, or do you believe more is more?
  • Do you want to display your spices in their original containers, or would you prefer beautifully uniform jars?
  • How much space do you have? And where will the spice rack go?
  • How much are you willing to fork out on your new spice rack?

In terms of types, you’ll find:

  • Shelf spice racks — which may be expandable and tiered and which look best on your counter top.
  • Spice carousels with multiple levels. These are the spice rack versions of the Lazy Susan, and they’re great for compact spaces.
  • In-drawer spice racks help you organize your spices neatly in a single kitchen drawer.
  • Mountable spice racks go on the wall.

Some spice racks come with empty labels (so you can write the name of the spices you collect yourself), while others ship with printed and pre-labeled stickers. Some don’t include containers at all, which is great if you don’t feel like spending time transferring your spices to a new home.

1. Zri Bamboo Spice Rack 3 Tier Expandable Display Shelf: Best Tiered Spice Rack

3 Tier Expandable Spice Rack OrganizerThe Zri Bamboo Spice Rack Kitchen Cabinet Organizer 3 Tier Bamboo Expandable Display Shelf uses an innovative concept that we absolutely love! This beautiful, sturdy tiered shelf, which can sit on your counter top or fit into one of your kitchen cabinets, does not ship with jars. Instead, it provides ample space to organize all the spice jars you already own — even fitting things like peanut butter jars or slim balsamic vinegar bottles.

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Key Features

  • This spice rack is expandable, allowing you to upside and downsize whenever you need to — the spice rack is 12.70 inches long in its most compact state, but can expand to 22.20 inches.
  • It doesn’t include any jars, making the spice rack perfect for anyone who thinks transferring spices into new jars is a waste (of time, resources, or effort!). Maybe you buy all your spices from the same brand, or you already have nice jars, but you still need a spice rack. Get this!
  • We love the natural bamboo look, but the spice rack is also available in black or brown.

Who Is It For?

This tiered spice rack is wonderful for anyone who doesn’t need jars and likes flexibility. (You could just as easily use it to sort your makeup collection, by the way!)

2. Kamenstein Revolving Countertop Spice Rack with Spices: Best Spice Rack with Spices

Kamenstein 20 Jar Revolving Countertop Spice RackOK, this is amazing! Color us stupid, but we snatched up this classic spice rack carousel for its compact and practical design, and we completely missed the part where the spices are included. The Kamenstein 20 Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack with Spices Included doesn’t only ship with 20 different spices but also includes free refills for five years.

Key Features

  • A quality, stainless steel, revolving spice rack with 20 durable glass jars and clearly labeled plastic lids.
  • A great starter collection of essential spices, including basil, bay leaves, coriander, dill weed, and (much) more — with free refills. For five years.
  • Made in the USA.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who doesn’t just want a quality spice rack carousel but also spices. This rack isn’t for you if you prefer uncommon spices that aren’t included in the set. Otherwise, it’s a steal! (Honestly, the price would be reasonable even if this spice rack didn’t include spices, never mind free refills.)

3. MIUKAA Clear Acrylic Spice Drawer Organizer: Best In-Drawer Spice Rack

4 Tier Clear Acrylic Spice Drawer OrganizerHoping to turn one of your kitchen drawers into a striking oasis of well-ordered spice jars? The MIUKAA Clear Acrylic Spice Drawer Organizer will help you do just that! This nifty design is supremely practical, easy to clean, and beautiful! It holds up to 56 different spice jars.

Key Features

  • You get an adjustable in-drawn spice organizer made from clear acrylic plastic — no spice jars are included in the deal, but it’s a unique and very handy design.
  • The slanted design makes it very easy to lift your chosen spices from the organizer.

Who Is It For?

The MIUKAA spice drawer organizing system strikes a great balance between an elaborate wall-mounted spice rack and a spice carousel stuffed into a kitchen cabinet. Everything will be well-organized and easy to access while taking up very little space. Unfortunately, you’ll have to order jars separately. (Try these NETANY 24 Pcs Glass Spice Jars with Bamboo Lids if you’re looking for a great fit!

4. SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer with 24 Empty Square Spice Jars: Most Versatile Spice Rack

SWOMMOLY Spice Rack OrganizerWe love this no-nonsense spice rack! The SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer with 24 Empty Square Spice Jars provides everything you need to get started with your personal spice collection. The tiered, classic black, and steel alloy shelf-based spice rack looks great on your counter top or mounted on your wall.

It ships with 24 empty spice jars with metal screwtop lids and a whole bunch of stickers to label every spice imaginable. There’s even a funnel that allows you to transfer your spices from commercial containers to your new spice jars.

Key Features

  • This spice rack is amazingly versatile, and it looks great, too!
  • Need more than 24 spice jars? Just get another set, because two look great alongside each other.
  • In addition to fitting onto your counter top and being wall-mountable, this spice rack also fits into most kitchen cabinets.

Who Is It For?

This spice rack is perfect for everyone hoping to keep their options open. It’s affordable, versatile, and quite aesthetically pleasing. If you value function over form and you don’t need a complicated system, start here!

5. DE’VELO Develo Round Revolving Spice Rack Set with 20 Spice Jars: Best Spice Carousel

DE'VELO Develo Round Revolving Spice Rack SetAs great as the Kamenstein spice carousel with spices is, not all spice carousel fans want their spices chosen for them. The DE’VELO Develo Round Revolving Spice Rack Set with 20 Spice Jars

is even fancier. With 20 empty spice jars, it will look great in any modern kitchen with stainless steel elements.

Key Features

  • The round carousel design features five spice jars per side.
  • You’ll get more empty stickers than you’ll ever need — and the freedom to choose how to label them!
  • A silicone funnel that allows you to transfer your spices into the included jars is provided.
  • The lid design ensures you can measure your spices out easily.
  • We’re impressed with the sturdy, durable design.

Who Is It For?

This spice carousel is perfect for neat freaks who value compact designs that give them lots of space for spices. This one is functional, and while we wouldn’t exactly call it pretty, the spices will add color to your kitchen once you fill this spice carousel.

A Final Word

We started this project with the aim of making sure everyone could find a spice rack for their needs here, so we chose a variety of styles and functions. Our favorite? The Zri Bamboo tiered spice rack — but with practical and pretty spice jars. The most impressive choice? The Kamenstein spice carousel with included spices.

Either way, any of these spice rack options make for a practical addition to any kitchen, whether you’re looking for a gift or you just want to organize your space. Once you develop a system for your spices, you’ll never look back. After all, creativity in the kitchen has a way of spilling over to all other areas of life, and the same can be said for a mission to organize your space!