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How to Get the Best Juice From Your Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer


Do you love starting the day with a quick but delicious vitamin C and energy boost?

A fresh glass of orange juice sets you up for the day — but you’ll need the equipment to make it happen. After all, we all know that store-bought orange juice isn’t anywhere near as fresh, tasty, or nutrient-rich.

Head over to Amazon, and you’ll be presented with an array of citrus juicers within a few clicks. Although the Zulay Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer comes in a little higher in price than some of the old school mixers, it is well worth the money.

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Is Zulay trying to squeeze you for all you’re worth, or is there a convincing reason to part with a whole Benjamin to get your hands on fresh orange juice?

zulay professional citrus juicer

You’d be surprised. We fell in love with the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer, and we think you will, too. This review gives you a detailed look at the Ferrari of orange juicers — and explains who should consider buying one.

Why Get a Citrus Juicer?

You’ve probably given in and bought an all-purpose juicer sometime since the juice craze started. Why would you also need a dedicated citrus juicer? If you need any excuse to go shopping, here it is:

  • Dedicated press-down citrus juicers, like the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer, efficiently extract clean juice from oranges, ensuring you can enjoy every last drop.
  • Press-down citrus juicers are easy to use. You won’t have to peel any oranges before feeding them to your juicer, because slicing your oranges in half is all it takes.
  • Citrus juicers are easier to clean up than all-purpose electric juicers.
  • We’ll award citrus juicers bonus points because they don’t require electricity. You’ll have a guaranteed glass of orange juice every morning, even if there’s a power cut.
  • Finally, citrus juicers are purpose-built, ensuring your juice is delightfully flavorful.

Why Can’t I Just Buy My Orange Juice from the Grocery Store?

You can, but why would you want to? With the right press-down citrus juicer in your kitchen, enjoying fresh orange juice every morning is almost effortless — and you know it tastes better.

Beyond that, vitamin C degrades over time. Exposure to light, heat, and oxygen all drain that juice of its goodness. The fresher your orange juice, the healthier it is. Store-bought orange juice just doesn’t cut it. Even if it isn’t made “from concentrate” (which, unappetizingly, means the water content was removed and added again), store-bought orange juice contains chemical preservatives.

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What Makes a Good Citrus Juicer?

The best press-down citrus juicers:

  • Have sturdy and durable designs that can comfortably withstand the pressures you subject them to.
  • Are easy to use — ideally, you don’t want to feel like you’ve just been to the gym after you squeeze your oranges, and the juicer is suitable for people with conditions like arthritis, too.
  • Feature non-slip bases that prevent the juicer from sliding around while you squeeze your oranges.
  • Are efficient, extracting almost all of the juice those oranges have to offer.
  • Are easy to clean.

While some people prefer for the juice to be collected into a dedicated container, there’s a lot to be said for press-down juicers that allow you to squeeze your oranges straight into a glass. That way, you’ll have less cleanup and quicker access to a sunny breakfast drink.

The Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer ticks all of these boxes, and then some!

The Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer at a Glance

Do you already have the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer in your Amazon basket, and are you really just looking for confirmation that it’s worth the (admittedly steep) price? Skip our long review — this brief overview gets straight to the point.

  • The Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer is manufactured by Zulay Kitchen, an American brand on a mission to create durable kitchen gadgets that allow consumers to enjoy fresh food effortlessly.
  • The Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer’s cast iron design allows you and your family to enjoy fresh orange juice every day for decades to come. Every part of the juicer is sturdy and durable.
  • It doesn’t take a full arm workout to squeeze oranges (or other fruits — more about that later) with the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer. It’s actually very easy to use.
  • We were impressed by the amount of juice the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer extracts. (Scrap that; we still are.) Not a drop of juice will be left in that orange.
  • The rubberized base keeps the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer in place while you use it.
  • As long as you clean your Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer right after squeezing oranges, it will take you less than two minutes to get the job done.

The final verdict? Very much worth it — but only if you drink fresh orange juice every day. If you don’t, but want to, the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer is so easy to use that you’ll probably become an orange juice addict in no time.

Want a more balanced look at the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer? Keep reading to discover some of the product’s minor cons.

A Look at the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer’s Design a Build Quality

The Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer is more than a kitchen appliance. It is a statement piece that will feature prominently on your countertop. We preferred checking the dimensions on Amazon to measuring the juicer ourselves, but the Zulay juicer measures 7.2 inches in diameter, 15.3 inches in width, and 15.52 inches in height. That roughly translates to, “It will take up a lot of space on your countertop, but in an elegant, vintage way.”

Crafted primarily from durable cast iron, this juicer is the definition of robustness. Because of that, you won’t want to move your Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer every morning. However, the reamer — the center of operations, if you like — features two handy, removable stainless steel parts that are easy to clean.

The extended lever makes squeezing every last drop of juice from your oranges or other fruits effortless, even for people with weaker arms or arthritis.

How Does the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer Perform?

The Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer  performs beautifully, delivering an admirably zesty experience. While the juicer makes a (slightly annoying) squeaky noise as you press down, a quick glance at your processed oranges quickly reveals that every last drop of goodness has efficiently been extracted.

The juice the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer produces is clear and delightfully flavorful. Without “stray bits” floating around, you’ll have a great breakfast experience.

The manufacturer says that this juicer handles pomegranates as well as citrus fruits. While we tried limes and grapefruits, which it tackled with ease, we didn’t get to test this out. Either way, larger grapefruits and smaller limes are just as easy to juice as oranges.

Flavorful Orange Juice Delivered Straight to Your Glass

As a next-generation press-down citrus juicer, the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer ditches clunky metal juice collection containers, instead delivering fresh orange juice straight to your glass.

While there’s ample room to place a larger measuring cup into the designated space if you’re making orange juice for the whole family, we’re in love with this feature. It streamlines the cleanup process and skips the “middle man” for super-fresh orange juice.

Is the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer Worth the Price?

Only you can answer that question — because there’s no question that the  Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer is on the higher end of the price spectrum for manual citrus juicers.

Our answer is a resounding “yes,” for a couple of reasons:

  • We love freshly-squeezed orange juice and want it every morning.
  • The Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer’s sturdy vintage design stands out. We could imagine enjoying fresh orange juice even after the zombie apocalypse (provided oranges would be available) with this citrus juicer, because it doesn’t require electricity and won’t break. We could also imagine grandchildren fighting over who gets the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer someday in the future.
  • Other juicers are so annoying to use that we’re tempted to opt for sub-par, store-bought juice instead. That’s a shame, because it’s more expensive, less enjoyable, and less nutritious.

Should You Buy a Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer?

Get a Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer if you love orange juice and want to transform your squeezing process into an efficient art form. You’ll enjoy delicious juice long after you forget about the hefty price tag.

Don’t even think about it if you think you should drink orange juice, but realistically aren’t going to — the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer is too large and too costly to serve as a paperweight for your dinner recipe books.

A Final Word

Having tried a variety of juicers over the years, we love the simplicity of the Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer. It gets the job done — fast, efficiently, and until the very last drop. It’s a must-have kitchen accessory for hardcore orange juice fans. The fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee assures you that you’ll still enjoy freshly-squeezed orange juice from your Zulay Heavy Duty Juicer decades on.

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