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Top Refrigerators Reviewed and Rated for 2020

Top Refrigerators Reviewed and Rated for 2020

If shopping for a refrigerator, it’s likely you’ve noticed the overwhelming number of models, options, and styles available in today’s market.

Technology has become an integral part of life, especially in the kitchen where advancements in cooling and smart technology have transformed the ways consumers use and interact with their fridge.

Features of modern-day fridges coupled with many brands to choose from makes choosing the best brand of refrigerator for your kitchen a challenging venture.

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20th-century fridges aren’t comparable to those of the 90s; today, refrigerators are stylish, feature-enhanced, and more versatile than ever before.

Compared to eons ago when one purchased a fridge for the sole purpose of storing food, nowadays, shoppers choose a model based on its features and their kitchen décor.

Refrigerators have become essential to kitchen design and efficiency and today we’ll be reviewing the best fridge brands and styles for your home.

Best Refrigerator Brands

The best refrigerator brands are those with models that balance value and features.

From French-door styled fridges to side-by-side models, the best refrigerator for your home ultimately depends on your storage needs, but also your desired features and the model styles available.

That said, who makes the best refrigerator?  Well, let’s answer that.

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Without further ado, we’ll now review the fridges that lead the pack in refrigeration; the models that rank highest among consumer reviews.

But first, let’s discuss the three most popular fridge styles.

Refrigerator Styles

Top Freezer Refrigerators

Top freezers are traditional-styled fridges and one you likely had in your home growing up.

Typically, they have plenty of refrigerated storage space with moderate frozen-food store capacity.

The industry-standard fridge size is commonly thirty inches wide, which for most households is perfect-sized for storage needs.  However, reliability, features, and energy efficiency do vary among brands.

Top-freezer models are usually energy-efficient models which makes it the perfect choice for those needing a second fridge in their home, garage or basement.

While usually featureless; top-freezer fridges are the most affordable option and easiest to repair in the event of a malfunction.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

While usually less spacious than top-freezer fridges, bottom-freezer models are great options for those wanting easier access to their frozen foods.

The bottom, bucket-styled freezer compartment makes grabbing the food a breeze, especially on the models with compartmented section that make organizing food a breeze.

Side-by-side Refrigerator

These classic-styled fridges have been used since the inception of refrigeration technology, and for good reasons too.

This fridge layout boasts two, side-by-side doors with a freezer on one side and a refrigerator on the other.  Not always, but most of the time, the freezer compartment is smaller than the refrigerated side.

However, this varies from model to model.  If needing spacious frozen food storage capacity, you may want to select another style or check with the manufacturer to see if a side-by-side model with larger storage is available.

Side-by-side fridges have become increasingly popular among families as they usually provide more cubic feet of non-frozen storage and fit well, measurement wise, into most kitchens.

One thing to consider with this style of fridge is their energy consumption.

They’re not as efficient as the two styles mentioned above so you may see a small but noticeable increase in energy costs.

Best side-by-side Refrigerator

Over thirty percent of those shopping for a refrigerator purchase a side-by-side fridge.

Many prefer this style of fridge due to increased storage capacity and the easy-access freezer.

While Frigidaire, Samsung, Whirlpool, and GE have excellent side-by-side models, GE is the personal favourite of mine and many others for this fridge style.

The last side-by-side fridge I’ve purchased was a GE model number GSS25GSHSS.  Its 23.5 cubic sq. foot of storage space and affordable price made it a sure-fire winner in my book, and the great reviews online ensured I was getting a fridge I could trust would give me years of service (and it has).

Best Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Fridge shoppers wanting a traditional-styled freezer with a freezer compartment on top can’t go wrong with this style.

This basic but practical design offers storage spaces ranging from seven to 22 cubic feet of storage space.

The most popular, trusted brands for this style of fridge include Maytag, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and GE.  Haier and Hotpoint are a couple of less-popular brands that also make great top-freezer fridges and are worth checking out.

But for this category, due to their long track record of efficiency and dependability, we must go with Frigidaire.

When shopping for a top-freezer fridge last year to add to my garage, I decided to go with Frigidaire’s 18 cu. ft. model (model #FFTR1814TW).

Compared to other models, it’s affordable and incredible efficient and offers plenty of storage space, even for larger families.

Frigidaire builds their fridges with reliability and convenience in mind and many of their models include complimentary warranties to ensure a piece-of-mind purchase.

One aspect of this model I really appreciate are the large door bins as they make storing and grabbing items easier than any fridge I’ve ever owned.  Furthermore, the adjustable shelving makes storage customization a breeze and plenty of room to store food makes this a perfect large-family fridge.

Best Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom-freezer fridges have become increasingly popular over time and now accounts for over twenty percent of all fridge sales in the U.S.

Their popularity can be attributed to easy-access, bucket-styled freezer compartments that are usually very spacious and easy to access.

Online reviews of bottom-freezer fridges show Maytag, GE, Whirlpool, and LG to be the leaders of this fridge style.

However, Whirlpool leads the pack in the realm of bottom-freezer fridges and is our pick for the BEST in this category.

Last year, I was in need of a bottom-freezer fridge for my wheelchair-bound mom who could no longer reach frozen foods in her top-freezer fridge.

After much review, the Whirlpool #WRB322DMBM seemed to be the best bottom-freezer fridge available (for the price) as it was energy efficient and had plenty of storage space; 22 cu. ft. to be precise.

It doesn’t boast some of the high-end bells and whistles that some present-day fridges offer, but if you’re prioritizing ease-of-access storage, efficiency, and price, this is the best bottom-freezer model available.

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