Smoke Hollow Gas Smoker 382202G Review

Smoke hollow has built a line of very good smokers over the years and the Gas Smoker 38202G is no exception to it.

It has a multitude of interesting features that will make smoking a more pleasant experience for its users.

Its first advantage is the size of the cabinet. It’s a high-quality tool for smoking multiple racks of meat at the same time because of its large capacity of 3.4 cubic feet.

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This Smoker allows for easy cooking of all different types of food (even delicate dishes such as Ravioli) because the heat levels can easily be adjusted. It uses propane fuel instead of charcoal which makes it very easy to light up within a couple of minutes and a 20.000BTU (British Thermal Unit) propane burner to ensure consistent heating. Propane smokers are also very environmentally friendly.

The Smoke Hollow Gas Smoker 38202G has a 2-door design. It has a top door which you can use to access the cooking chamber and a bottom door that gives you access to the wood chip pan and water pan. This design helps you replenish your chips without having to release some heat from the cooking chamber

Some users may find downsides to it like the fact that it’s not insulated, some other smokers in the same price range can go up to higher heat and the fire goes out at times if its environment is very windy.


The Smoke Hollow 38202G is an easy to use gas smoker that does its job very well and is a great option if you are simply getting bored of your traditional gas oven. Its price is very reasonable for its quality and capabilities. There is a number of other smokers in the same categories from other brands that are more expensive. It also uses propane fuel which makes the lighting up of fire faster and leaves no undesirable taste on the food. The enormous space in it for smoking your favorite foods is like icing on the cake which makes it a very good investment for all the food lovers.